Thursday, August 9, 2007

Frida's no contender

After getting home around 8:00pm last night, I was shocked to see our cat huddled on the bed, as we usually attempt to corral her from the wild kingdom around midnight (or later). I went to pet her and, for the first time ever, she hissed at me. I knew something was wrong, which was confirmed by a small blood stain on the blanket nearby.

Thanks to a couple Humane Society brats that are on the loose, there have been some new whiskers in the 'hood. Frida's small and cute, but outdoors she can be a wild punk, a cold blooded killer. I believe Frida finally got her ass-whoopin' comeuppance yesterday afternoon. There were several small puncture wounds all over her, but the TKO was a deep chomp on one of her legs.

We took her to our new favorite 24/7 vet, Five Corners Animal Hospital in Burien to get fixed up. Verily, I cannot heap enough praise upon this vet, emergency or not. They were really great when we had to bring our aging, diabetic, blind cockapoo with broken leg here for testing. And they were kind and compassionate when we decided to euthanize.

Although Frida's outdoor days might be numbered, like her tough cookie namesake she'll be all right, especially with our regular vet, Four Paws, following up. I've been thinking about keeping the pets indoors anyway, since we have a regular coon visitor and coyote sightings have been made in nearby Beacon Hill and Leschi areas. The fact is, one of us - me or Frida - is going to go nuts.

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