Thursday, August 2, 2007

Boeing tapped to make truck-mounted laser

I just saw this on the Sci-Fi Tech blog. How cool is that? How long before we can get one for home protection? It'd go nicely on the turret I have planned for the southeast corner of my house.

As a gadget freak, I like the Sci-Fi blog a lot. A more recent entry said the army was planning to implant RFID microchips into the troops -- just like our pets. I've been trying to keep up with RFID technology, as much as a layman can understand, because I'm STILL WAITING for a gadget that'll tell me where my cats are located. You'd think parents everywhere would be clamoring for a product like this. Already larger devices have been made for dogs, but cats and other small animals continue to be SOL. All of our pets have been microchipped, but the chips are passive and need a scanner (the right kind of scanner, BTW, which is another story). What we need is maybe an implanted solar-powered active or semi-active chip so the pet can be located if it's run away or been stolen. Yeah, just like our Powerbooks and iPods. The technology exists. C'mon, venture capitalists, pour some money into this thing.

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